The house

Feel like in your own house. A home for you and those you love.

Our holiday home, La Ablaneda, with traditional Asturian architecture, is located in El Bosque, a municipal area of Cangas de Onis at the gates of the Real Sitio de Covadonga, the National Park of the Picos de Europa and the lakes Enol and Ercina, sites of obligatory step for anyone who wants to know the eastern part of Asturias.


In a radius of 30km you will find the main points of the Asturian culture and landscape, such as our coasts, mountain villages, prehistoric caves, impressive gorges of Cares and Beyos...

A Celtic legend tells how a hunter falls in love with a star who appears to him as a beautiful girl and finally they get married.


One day, the girl becomes a bird and, from a hazel tree, shows the people of the village their fruits. Since then no people suffered hunger.

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